How do I deal with participants having bullying nature in my Training session?

It was a two days training session on – “ Importance of  Attitude & Behavior for successful  Life”   for workmen in a reputed industry in area of Bhind Murena (Rajasthan, India) which is known for dacoits – Chambal Ghati. Before starting the session, HR manager suggested not to indulge in any sort of arguments with participants because some of the participants have bullying nature.

As a general practice, the company nominates few participants who are notorious. When I started my session they incited nuisance by asking baseless questions, queries and commenting on replies etc.

It was awkward; I thought for a moment and turned on 180 degree angle. I asked them to come to dais and say few lines on Attitude & Behavior. They were all dazzled as speaking within the group might be easy but in front of group is the most difficult part. They started looking at each other’s face and got frightened because of pinpointing.

Eventually, my session went smoothly and even those bullies started to take interest in a positive manner.

So, I learnt the lesson that tricks and tactics are important to deal with such bully participants.

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