Be Melt Down To Melt Out Challenges At Workplace

Boss is always boss and is programmed not to listen to problems of his/her subordinates, if any subordinate attempts to put his / her problem, he is reluctant to acknowledge them. In most of the cases, he would suggest you to leave your problems at home instead of bringing them over workplace. Subordinate tries to justify problem with many arguments, logics and facts for its genuineness, but fails to melt down the boss. It is the same story at work places in most of the organizations.

Such attitude of not listening to subordinate’s concerns creates an annoying environment at workplace. It continues to pile up and when it matures, it bursts out whenever any spark hits. This results in team conflicts which in turn affects the performance and interpersonal relationship.

A promising leader is someone who

  • Lends an ear to concerns of his / her subordinates and extends necessary help, emotional support.
  • Is a part of solution to the problems of team members to increase the emotional connectivity – It is a vital element in creating an enriching interpersonal relationship and performance.
  • Doesn’t categorize the problems as personal, social, family or professional. This helps subordinates to counteract the difficult situations at workplace.

Do share your experiences on such problems at workplace

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